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lirik lagu 11:11 – ☆babyblade☆


i don’t really know
if i wanna go
is it time to go?

i don’t wanna go
but, i have to boy
it’s time for me to go

“21 club” where the f*ck you at
i don’t think i’ll make it to 22, facts
you say you don’t really know anything ’bout that
why don’t you watch while my brain goes splat

love it when you cry, boy
love it when i die, boy
do you even hear my voice?
am i just a quiet noise?

yeah, b*tch, i been making noise
i know you cannot avoid
i know that you cannot tell that my ego is so destroyed

i was only twelve when you said to k!ll myself
yeah, don’t even lie, i know you said it yourself
i just put that thought on the back of the shelf
is it f*ckin’ normal just to hate one’s self?

i know that ain’t healthy
yeah, b*tch, life is deadly
i’m gonna be wealthy
i know you might disagree

n0body gon’ help me
ain’t no “we,” there’s just me
why don’t you just wait and see?
i know that you willl agree

i been doin’ drugs
thought i was in love
it was all a joke
now i sniff some coke

i been leakin’ blood
i can never get enough
just tryna have fun
once i die, i’m done

leave me alone, ‘cause the night has just begun
at the end of this, i’m tryna be number one

why do you provoke me?
you say you’re gonna choke me
i think that you misspoke, b*tch
i don’t play around, sis

i don’t really know
if i wanna go
is it time to go?

i don’t wanna go
but, i have to boy
it’s time for me to go