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lirik lagu our shadows – acid death

so much fear in me
the future that i will never-never see
happiness is wasted-for ever
here, so lonely at the mountain top

is all this for a better tomorrow?
the shouting the running alienated personalities
feel like an idiot to myself
so depressed-so depressed

the engine-sound, so deafening
above our heads like a god

in desperate moments i run-i run for myself
hide beneath my shadow(hide beneath my shadow)
snakes in my hands, in my red eyes
as it fires it’s lightening away
my gun no longer protects me-did it ever, i wonder

so depressed, so depressed

it`s better this way
not to think-not to think again
why should i-should i live for
fight again in someone else`s war

the light brings pain, but heals my scars
my skin is re-becoming in a new state of life
sorrow is behind in the noise of a neverland
beneath my shadow nothing exist

nothing exist:

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