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lirik lagu outside – perrion


i don’t wanna go outside
in the rain
i don’t wanna go outside
in the rain

one of them sunny days when i’m staring in the daze
so many babes
thinking there’s so many different ways to bag, baby
it’s bright as h-ll and i’m wondering why you getting shaded
i’m tryna get that f-ck me until i’m lazy, baby
keep that lip gloss on and finish slip off the tongue
and then i feel on the coochi and put it where it belong
and trust me, girl, it’ll be long, you know this where you belong
she was amazed but she saw it then rode me like a ‘
f-ck your man if he see you i got a plan, i’m the boss
’cause you can see i’m a winner, he ain’t got no game ’cause he loss
see, i was blessed with this on, i’m coming in at your block
these other n-gg-s ain’t ’bout it’
see, baby, i keep it 100, let’s disappear, let’s get on it
‘ ’cause she want it, she said come in and she done it
bringing in that index finger, won’t get a ring on the other
soon as i’m done with this rubber it’s time to get out the covers, you gotta

go outside
in the rain
i wanna go outside
in the rain

colt 45 by the six pack, a couple doobies, you know just what i’m pursuing
a pretty young thing that’s thick and h-lla secluded
that could roll up your sticky while chilling highly influenced
commit this love of g and i’m a capital
at least that’s what i’m stacking, never slipping or slacking
say church sound, i gotta keep my game intact
like i’m moving out the crib, n-gg-s know i got a pack
from the streets to the a on a nice sunny day
i gotta keep it g, gotta stay on my lane
steer clear from these lanes, run the hate down on the g
like the pimp, n-gg- hop up on my d-ck
i keep it cool in the highest degrees
in a tank top a n-gg- keep a trick up his sleeve
so where the cash at? bout to f-ck the game over
like my last cash stash in my backpack
dollar signs in my eyes in the summertime, motherf-cker

outside in the rain
i gotta go
outside in the rain
i gotta go