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lirik lagu oxford city jealous lover – lloyd


oxford city (jealous lover)
in oxford city lived a lady
and she was beautiful and fair
oh, she was courted by a sailor
and he did love her as his dear
he said, “my dear, let us get married
let us now no longer stay
i’ll work for you both late and early
if you my wedded bride will be”
the girl she loved him, but at a distance
she did not seem to be quite so fond
he said, “my dear, you seem to slight me
i’m sure you love some other man”
he saw her dancing with some other
a jealous thought came to his mind
and to destroy his own true love
he gave to her a gl-ss of wine
so soon she drank it, so soon she felt it
“oh hold me fast, my dear,” said she
“is it that gl-ss of wine you gave me
takes my innocent life away?”
“that gl-ss of wine now which i gave you
that gl-ss of wine did strong poison hide
for if you won’t be my true lover
you’ll never be no other man’s bride
“that gl-ss of wine which now i gave you
it’s i have drinked of the same,” he said
“so in each other’s arms we’ll die together
to warn young men of jealousy”
“oh hark, oh hark, the c-cks are crowing
the daylight now will soon appear
and into my cold grave i’m going
and it’s you, willie, who called me here”
printed in penguin book of english folk songs
by williams and lloyd
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