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lirik lagu paint hell red – angelspit

verse 1
come on pretty, play with me
burn your hood, lay with me
my what big, teeth i have
better to mix, fluids with

verse 2
take the path of needles to him
dirty girl feelin’ playful
road to ruin pathed with pins
hurried clumsy unstable

beat at the head ‘til you run red girl (pretty cannibal girl)
wake shieva, i’m gunna paint h-ll red (little miss vex girl)
beat at the head ‘til you run red girl (night working blade girl)
raise hades, i’m gunna paint h-ll red (razor lolly-pop girl)

verse 3
and the cat said
a sl-t is she, who eats the flesh
drinks the blood, kaka in bed
her play thing, soiled mess
come on puppy, let’s play dead

verse 4
smashed beauty tied up with rope
nailed to the bed, beast seduced
axe girl summons flies and maggots
and if you’re lucky, she’ll slash you


run red run red, run red run…

verse 5
i am horror that you warned of
i bring ruin face to face
like i’m not a child of god
i breathe revenge in this place


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