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lirik lagu paradiso – chameleons

i recall a closing door
and i remember
seeing shadows cross
a stained-gl-ss stare
long before
the strangers came down
to steal our clothing
and our consciences
and long before
eyes were empty
hearts were cold

we’ll watch the rattlesnake slide
slowly swerve into view
to tease and tantalise
to suck your senses
and spit out the pieces
magazine girl
she is living in a different world
or is it a he
pull back the curtain my son
i look around
the colours have gone

and slowly darkness descends upon me
i know you lie
this much i see

well the serpent sings his song
to so many sleeping staring eyes
like sheep they sing along
and clap in time to a heart that’s beating
crazy child
she is wicked
oh she is wild
her eyes are open
pull back the curtain today
i look around
the colour is grey

grey as this ghost town
that towers above me
i know you lie
that much is clear
to me

i see the poet and the fool
walking hand in hand to school
and i recall the lonely outcast
and i remember
laughing children
it was long before

their eyes were empty
hearts were cold

so dance this final dance with me
and wrap your sting round my spine
will poison wash away the tears
wipe the world from my mind
look up
what can you do!
i looked around
the colour was blue
wise up
it’s in your head
i looked around me
and the colour was red

red as the words
that i read on the wall
kingdoms rise, so must they fall
and only ashes
remain in the end
i know you lie
lies without end
i’ll see them again and again
and again

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