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lirik lagu paralyze – tila tequila

everytime you messed with my head
all the things you did and you said
see my scars spell out your name and
you’re paralyzin’ me
everytime you left me behind
all these tears are no longer mine
because you took it all away and
you’re paralyzin’ me

[verse 1:]
memories, they fall apart
whenever you’re inside my heart
take my tears, they say a lot
since you’re the one
who put them there

when i needed you the most
you were no where to be found
but i still hung on just hoping
for my love to come around


[verse 2:]
i miss those times
when things were simple
and your heart was mine
i just don’t understand how
you could throw it all away



look up in the sky
its a bird its a plane
now its just me again
crying in the rain
i cant figure out why i feel so ashamed
you pushed me so hard that i feel so insane
everytime i cried
you ain’t wipe my eyes
whenever i was scared
you weren’t by my side
the only thing it did
was it made me wise
so i guess its all good
cause it kept me alive


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