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lirik lagu part iv zillah and the crone – ancient

of all my children, none so beloved
my sweet zillah, none so desired
her tender skin, her blood so saccharine
i was mesmerized by her enchanting eyes.
but she would turn from me, she had no love to me
nothing i’d provide could keep her satisfied
so i took to roam the wilderness alone
amid the whispering trees, a wrinkled crone i did see.
crone: “my spell can make thee win her heart
drink of my blood then we’ll start.”
caine: “her (foul) blood i drank for many nights
and zillah indeed became my wife.”
crone: “the elixir hast bound thee
my serving thrall thou always be.”
caine: “but after a year (and a day) her grasp (on me)
had gone
with a stake through the heart, i left her
to the dawn.”

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