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lirik lagu pass it pass it – snoop dogg

[chorus – pharrell williams (vanessa marquez)]
p-ss it, p-ss it – get it girl
p-ss it, p-ss it – get it girl
please don’t be greedy! nooo!
p-ss it, p-ss it – get it girl
breathe it in! now let go!
(la la la la la la la la la)
breathe it in! now let go!
(la la la la la la la la la)

[verse – snoop dogg]
roll up a fat one and p-ss it around
lay back hypnotized by the neptunes sound
my peoples always see me and they think i’m on point
so they roll me a blunt, or either p-ss me a joint
i’m the modern day rick james, yeah that’s me
anything less than the best is blasphemy
so ask for me – when you wanna get spliffted
i’m not keith murray but i’ll get ya lifted
terrific, cause this is just the linguistics
this sh-t’s cannibalistic, so i mixed it and twisted
with the berries and cherries, the high berries
the aura is horror, man this sh-t is so scary!
i took another hit and then my vision got blurry
i had to p-ss this sh-t in a motherf-cking hurry
i’m looking at this chick, real thick, her name is cheri
big fat booty and her pootie was hairy, c’mon b–tch!


[verse – snoop dogg]
nick nack patty wack, give a dogg a bone
naw don’t gimme nothing but a handful of stones
don’t stop! i ain’t finised yet
you say you got the bomb? you wanna make a bet? it’s on!
i blew about three zones then took baby home
n-gg- what?! motherf-cker i’m grown
i have it how i want it, did it done it and stunted
fronted a hundred to my n-gg- cause he want to get blunted
ain’t nothing to it, but to do it so i did it cause i’m wit it
this is the face off, the one hitter quitter
it’ll lay you on your back fast, sweat start to trickle
everything is moving like you on a tricycle
you caught up in the pickle but i get you out
i blow you a charge through your nose, not your mouth
slow down! hoe d-mn! you’re doing too much
you’re supposed to take two puffs then give the sh-t up, c’mon!


[verse – snoop dogg]
yeah this is cl-ssic, fantastic, i’m blasted
i’ve been growing and blowing, n-gg-z wonder how i lasted
well, like jesus i fasted, for 40 days and 40 nights
i got it all mastered
now i need a hit of that, neptune-ology
gangsta philosophy, yep yep i gotta be
real high, whenever writing my novelty
because it adds to my celebrity
so i celebrated, teledated, innovated, dominated
orchestrated, situated, petuated, reinstated
then i created, you’re happy that i made it
take another hit, young n-gg- get faded
we’re going all out, smoke till ya fall out
do double g house all in ya mouth
the west got the best, the east got the peace
i’m out and about with a blunt in my mouth, peace!


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