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lirik lagu peer pressure – pretty ricky

[chorus (pleasure):]
can i put a little peer pressure on you
are you ready, cause i’m ready,
can i put a little peer pressure on you
’cause i know you want it, and i need it

[verse 1: baby blue]
how you doing baby, lemme introduce me, i’m a blue star from miami, i’m 5’3 att-tude c-cky,
you’re sweet like sugar honey, of course you gotta man what that gotta do with me,
i see ’em over there lookin at me, i’m bad bad, we can take it to the streets,
if he feel like putting pressure on you, i’ll be there to protect you,
with all my love, all my love
you a p-y-t (pretty young thang)
and i ain’t tryna set a wrong thang most boys only want one thang,
so let me ask you something

[chorus (pleasure)]

[verse 2: spectacular]
what’s you name, where are you from?
i see you’re alone, can i come sit with you?
i ain’t a bugaboo, but you’re so fine,
i had to bug you boo, ain’t the average joe, beat it like the heat did the mavericks home,
i ain’t never been pressured before, next thing i know you was moaning oh
spec keep it so wet put you in a cold sweat headed to the toes next, baby girl i’m gonna put you to the test,
i’ll be your teacher, your platinum visa, i’ll be your pimp you’ll be my skeezer, my pleaser,
meet me at the 4 seasons for this pressure

[chorus (pleasure)]

[verse 3: slick em]
first i met you at school, talking on the phone everything seemed cool,
you say you had a dude but oh it’s so rude,
never did nothing only got to base too tried to hit a home
run but never got through, like what they do,
put you in the front seat of the coop and we could cruise,
now baby girl you’re so pretty to me, now when we chill it’s like a beautiful symphony
now come vibe with your boy, little slick from 5 5, hop in the s five
let’s take a little ride and see the city skies,
go to papa johns split pie, now i’m 21 about mines, and i know you 21 about yours,
baby girl we can do this for sure, but keep it on the down low of course

[chorus (pleasure)]

pressure, pressure, pressure for you babe [x3]

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