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lirik lagu perfect enemy – acid death

the century`s twilight is so close
i stand on the icebers` tip and looking out i recollect
the things that p-ssed the ways we close to last among the other
i see them all-yes i see them all behind

we left them there- there in futile wars
when this was the written riddle
“who is the perfect enemy?”

the first weapon that i held was a bone from a dead beast
so many more have come and gone, so easy to left`em all behind
there were times when i was crimson bathed with their blood
but if it wasn`t for the week i wouldn`t be here now

we left them there in wars of arrogans
when we wrote the riddle
“who is the perfect enemy?”

as i first traveled the land, then i waded the water
then i ripped the sky with the stars as my guide
but i flew high i touched the sky
i touched the stars and left my marks behind
i`ve seen life beyond imagination, lifeful beings
and i kill them all

i stepped on them, in the wars of acquisition
when i spoke the riddle “who is the perfect enemy?”
there`s no one else left around
no one can see how i rot in grief

i stand alone now admiring my work but my sense has turned against me
i lived a condemned life of lies
to learn about the truth but never to live in
and i asked myself “who is the perfect enemy?”
who else-who else but the:
who else but the enemy within

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