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lirik lagu perfect love song – 12 summers old

turn those headlights off
let’s not make a sound
just whisper in my ear
how much you want me around
if you wanted to tell me
how much you would miss me when i’m gone
now would be the time

this could be the perfect love song
if i wrote this song for someone else
this could be the perfect love song
if i cared how you felt

you said it’s all my fault
you spend your nights alone
cause every time you call me
i was never home
well maybe i’m with your best friend
laughing at your imperfections
or the stupid things you said

so if you wanted to kill me slowly,
tell me you’ll be mine forever
and if you wanted to kill me slowly
then we could spend our lives together

i’ve been waiting
just kill yourself so i can move one
and no more wasting time
just cut your throat so you can’t sing along

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