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lirik lagu perverted – infernal torment

i’ve f-cked lots of women
fat women,skinny women
both black and white
i f-cked their c-nts
i f-cked their -sses
i made them drink my p-ss
but it didn’t really turn me on

to have s-xual intercourse
with a man is really cool
to feel another man’s c-ck
inside one’s -ss is a wonderful experience
even better is to swallow his -rg-sm
and feel the hot sperm slide down your throat

it would be cool to see a baby
being raped and mangled
to see how much an -sshole is able to dilate
before the blood starts to flow

by the way,have you ever tried
f-cking with a dog?i have
it’s a great experience

in the beginning the pain is beyond endurance
but after a couple of times you get used to it

once the dog’s p-n-s is up your -ss
it begins to swell
and the dog begins to f-ck you
with hard and brutal strokes

this result in the best -rg-sm imaginable
imagine swallowing your dog’s flood of sperm
the amount of sperm is really incredible

one day my wife found out
that i was having s-x with our dog
and of course that meant that she left me
but i don’t care
i would at any time
rather f-ck a dog than a woman

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