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lirik lagu phony rappers – a tribe called quest

intro: kamaal (q-tip)

phony rappers who do not write
phony rappers who do not excite
phony rappers, check it out, aight

verse one: kamaal (q-tip)

yo, i was riding the train
and this puerto rican kid said simple and plain
let’s battle
it kinda took me by surprised
cuz the brother was moving wit his eyes on the prize
i said screw it, i ain’t got nuttin to lose but um
but i got to do this sh-t real quick so um
hurry up kid, bust your joints and then i’ll bust mine
and i be out cuz i got to see this hottie, he said ok
now check it, check it out, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, that’s what he said
then i came back and just f-cked up his head
cuz yo, he thought an mc who was seen on tv
couldn’t hold the sh-t down in new york city
aiyyo, i showed his -ss, then i went off on my task
to bless her -ss uptown, real mc’s will hold it down
yea, yea, sonny, to the beat like that
you wanna bring it to me, where you at

verse two: phife dawg

yes, dread, i had a similiar situation
when this kid tried to tell me i didn’t deserve my occupation
he said i wasn’t sh-t that i was soon to fall
i looked him up and down, grab my crotch and said b-lls
of course he tried to bring it on the battling tip
ay, you know me, you know i had to come out my sh-t
trying to lounge at the mall, meet skef and mr walton
finally i banged his -ss wit the verbal -ssault
he said a rhyme about his .45 and his nickelbags of weed
that’s when i preceeded to give him what he needed
talking ’bout i need a phillie right before i get loose
poor excuse, money please, i get loose off of orange juice
preferly minute maid cuz that’s exactly what it takes
to write a rhyme, huh, so screw your nickels and your dimes

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