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lirik lagu pickin’ wild mountain berries – peggy scott & jo jo benson

where you’ve been where you’ve been it’s the same ole question again
what’s the use baby what’s the use they ain’t never gonna turn us loose
you got dirt all over your face oh and your lipstick is way out of place
oh we gonna tell ’em what we tell ’em every time before
they won’t leave us alone they want us to come home
we been busy makin’ merries and pickin’ wild mountain berries
we’re pickin’ wild mountain berries that’s our excuse every time
but we’ve been busy makin’ merries and pickin’ wild mountain berries
[ banjo ]
i don’t know oh i don’t know if i can keep honey from lettin’ it show
what’s our plan tell me what’s our plan now you know they won’t understand
if my hair is a drippin’ wet and my clothes are soakin’ wet
and we didn’t go skinny dippin’ in a cement pond
you’re my baby you’re my man though your hair is sure gettin’ to be a mess
there ain’t no berries in your bucket well’ll explain it honey as best as we can
they won’t leave us alone…
we’re pickin’ wild mountain berries…

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