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lirik lagu pillow from home – brazzaville


late night

all alone

just sitting in my hotel room

wishing i was back at home

a long flight

halfway around the globe

this life at 30,000 feet

well it’s starting to take it’s toll

i got my pillow from home

here on the 33rd floor

and i loaded all your photographs

into my mobile phone

but they only made me miss you more

i got my beat up guitar

and my pocket moleskine

i packed my echinacea drops

and all my speaker tapes

’cause i’m out here on the road again

i’m out here on the road again

a strange light

warms my soul

when i travel to a distant place

to play a little rock and roll

but someday

just you and me

we’ll be gazing at a setting sun

in a little garden by the sea