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lirik lagu plastic – allyptic

feeling, living, breathing
you only seem to live for you

pretending to be caring
making me believe in you

cruel & unforgiving
made me out to be your fool

never sacrificing
staying only while it’s good

enticing and beguiling
using all you flattery

making me believe
you are what you can never be

look in the mirror
tell me what do you see
it’s so much clearer
facing reality

longing, wanting, wishing
for a life you don’t deserve

something always missing
wanting love you haven’t earned

seeing is believing
all i see before my eyes

is a fake pretending
just another plastic lie


sad you can’t see
that your dreams
they can never come to be

how could i
be so blind
not to see the truth
behind your eyes
behind your plastic lie


your life is like
one plastic lie

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