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lirik lagu play the game – the game

you n-gg-z is soldiers man, f-ckin toy soldiers
yeah get in line cadet; atten-hut!
yayo you punk–ss b-tch
i know you can’t wait to get off house arrest n-gg-
so you can run the f-ck outta new york, you f-ggot

n-gg-z love to play the game, with 50 cent, 50 cent, 50 cent
why you tryin to play the game, with 50 cent, 50 cent, 50 cent
can’t play the game with only 50 cent, 50 cent, 50 cent
so why you tryin to play the game with only 50 cent
come back when you got a couple dollars, holla

[verse 1]
you gon’ need more than 50 cent to play this game
n-gg- hatin on me cause i’m doin my own thang
i’m ain’t lloyd banks b-tch i don’t share your brain
i was in the fast lane before the g-unit chain
you was hatin on ja cause him and irv went pop
now yo’ -ss run around singin the “candy shop”
after “westside story,” i took your fans
i seen it for myself, that b-tch olivia’s a man
i got word from the wise, n-gg- you dead wrong
stole the real 50’s name and wouldn’t pay for his headstone
n-gg- got mad when “how we do” start climbin
actin like a b-tch cause he “got rich and stopped tryin'”
got n-gg-z locked up, you a snitch in queens
told ’em touch shot ‘pac then rated out supreme
but on the rizzeal, i’m talkin about you and me
toe to toe, five-oh-cent, f-ggot

banks is a b-tch, 50 is a b-tch
yayo is a b-tch, buck is a b-tch
olivia’s a b-tch (jersey devil exclusive) no
olivia’s a man, ha ha, god d-mn

[verse 2]
you reported more names than the evening news
i guess now reebok makin cement shoes
yayo the only real motherf-cker from the street
you swingin on me like you want five heartbeats
okay 1, 2, 3 4 flatline
if you say you wrote my sh-t one mo’ time
you ain’t a hood n-gg- you “got rich and stopped tryin'”
jimmy scared chris lighty and jay stop lyin
you a snitch, what’chu know about movin in silence
even nypd can’t deny it
the life of your story is f-ckin vivica
but your baby momma left you cause you couldn’t get it up, b-tch

yayo went to jail, banks sold a mill’
then buck sold a mill’ then 50 gave a deal
to a b-tch named olivia who t-tties ain’t real
now they all hidin behind the police shield


ggggg-you n-gg-z ain’t sh-t, b-tch–ss n-gg-z
i told you this sh-t was real n-gg-
this is fat rat n-gg-, motherf-cker
all you get up on there and sing a few hooks
n-gg- and you wanna claim a n-gg- fame, n-gg-
you was ashanti, you b-tch–ss n-gg-, f-ck is you talkin ’bout?
you wrote somethin n-gg-, the real is the real n-gg-
black wallstreet n-gg-, the black wallstreet n-gg-
gon’ tell yo’ b-tch–ss n-gg-
i ain’t gon’ get up on this mic and play them games n-gg-
i told my n-gg- let me get that last 16 n-gg-
i’m rappin right now n-gg-, but i’m spittin the real n-gg-
you know who i’m talkin to n-gg-
50! n-gg-, b-tch–ss n-gg-
black wallstreet n-gg-
brazil and wimelton, what block you on n-gg-?
we’ll be there! what block you on?
scary–ss n-gg-, f-ck this sh-t man
n-gg-z woke me up with that bullsh-t n-gg-

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