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lirik lagu polymelia and the satyr – deadfly ensemble


she hears her insides and finds tidings there:
her acrobatic heart has a prehensile tail.
she sees her outsides and cries moonlit skies: abnormal limbs scratch and claw out her eyes.

the first, wheezing, mist-choked and brackish breath of dawn
slides through her, itching and pale, clothes half-on.
she hopes her man wields an unbiased mind.
in fact, she’d hardly complain were he deaf, dumb and blind.

they sat together, for the first time, with an antiquated, sleeping chaperon…

her suitor bound his prize with eyes afloat in skies of adoration!
in alarm, her extra arms would twist in protest, pinching stubbornly!

her tumbling skirts and blouse and panicked visage might have frightened him, but nay!
he tipped his hat and showed his h-rns and winked and kicked his shoes away,
and tapped a rhythm on her porch with highly polished hooves of gray!