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lirik lagu possession – citizen fish

how much do you want? how much do you need?
how wide is the gap between possession and greed?

anyone in particular thinks in terms of how much more he needs to earn
to afford the dubious luxury of being able to boast that he could do it free
but it all takes a very long time indeed to reach the achievements set
by the time he possesses all the things
that he wants he’ll have forgotten what he set out to get

how much is enough? do you need a bit more?
how wide is the gap between now and before?

there’s not much difference in the way he lives
and the empty satisfaction that possession gives

storing it all for a sense of success
when he’s got time to look back if there is any time left
cos it all takes a very long time indeed to am-ss all the needs to be met
unless you consider that all that you really need
is something to eat
is something to breathe
something to there when you leane
is something to drink
is something to say
something that says “i went this way”

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