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lirik lagu power. part 2. (1st single) – jenna


the love i feel for you is right
the love i feel for you will never go away
the love i feel for you lasts all day and night
the love i feel for you will never leave
the love i feel for you reminds me that i fell for you..
and everything you do, i look out for you
but you stole my power, you stole my power, oh but you stole my power
can’t you go back, can’t you go back, can’t you go back, can’t you go back, can’t you go back and be the one for me like i’m the one for you.. but you stole my power, you took it right from me, you stole my power, how could you do that to me.. you stole my power
tell me how she makes you crazy
tell me how she blows your mind
i promise i wouldn’t have wasted your time
no, who is she, i just know she’s in the position that i want to be in, right by your side

and i’ve loved you since the 4th grade, thinking that maybe it was fate that you crossed my street suddenly. it’s a long story but lately, its been a mess, i worry, i worry for my heart, i confess, you broke it so many times, i act like i’m okay but just the other day, i saw you so close to her, i’m sorry if i stutter and slur, it really is such a blur for me, leave me be, i don’t need peoples help right now, it won’t work, he already let me shatter on the ground, i can’t fight away the tears, my heart, oh, my heart is nothing to you. it’s so heartbreaking to say, oh she’s in the way, it’s all so hard to admit, but all is not alright, i cry myself to sleep at night, that’s the truth, cause i love you, oh boy i haven’t moved on from you since the 4th grade. that’s a sign that your suppose to be mine. what hurts now is knowing that you’ll never accept me, you’ve reject me, all these people neglect me, do you know how it feels?
this doesn’t seem real, the pain is endless, it’s been a mess, it’s endless. all i hear is the rain falling, pouring down on my windows, oh i walked home alone, and all that’s left is deep sorrow, it’ll all be the same tomorrow, the wetness on my cheeks, i’ve been crying for weeks, i feel so down, i blew my chances, and all i’ve given you is constant glances. oh, my heart is nothing to you

i wish that you never knew the way i felt about you cause no matter what i do, you’ll never talk to me in the way that i want you too
i wish n-body knew how i felt about you. cause no matter what i say, i hurt everyday
yeah, i had that power, you stole my power, i love you, that love is so true, where are you now though, oh who is she, i believe that your never going to have me in your light. i only wish you put up a fight to stay here in my view. you stole my power, it was all that mattered, you stole my heart, it was the rush you stole from it, i love you though, that’s all i want you to know
you stole the only thing that made me strong, i had that power, i was once roaring like a lion, but now you stole that power, i had that power and in every hour, i cry for you