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lirik lagu prelude – all left out

many years ago, i reached a point in my life i didn’t like very much.
i’ve become a lonely and unpleasant person.
when i really thought about it, i felt conviction stirring deep within me.
a yearning for something better than what i’ve yearned
this strange yearning grew so strong, that it became impossible to ignore
whatever it was, i knew it wouldn’t go away if i did nothing.
i wasn’t sure exactly what i should do, or where i should go,
but i felt some sense of peace, that the conviction i felt
would lead me when the time is right.
finally, after no small amount of procrastination,
i made a decision to embark on a journey of discovery.
it seems like so long ago now, that i can still remember that fateful day.
the day that i began.
the conquest…

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