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lirik lagu pride – soil

when you scream aloud
(heads down heads down)
that’s when i plan to
(rise up rise up)
when you scream aloud
(we’re doomed we’re doomed)
that’s when i plan to prove myself to you
i’ve never gotten the simple thrill of a solo day
i’ve never seen the point in you killing you
i’ve always backed my words with what i do
i’ll always bite my tongue to comfort you

i’ll be my superhero #1
i’ll save me from myself
i, i rise,
above the sun in the sky
above that look in your eyes
my pride

sister you know me
(sister you know me)
mother you made me
lover what do you offer me
father teach me
brother protect
lover what do you have for me

i’ll be my superhero #1
i’ll save me from myself
i’ll be your superhero #1
i’ll save you, i save
i’ll save you

your eyes deny a life that dulls your pride
your eyes they hide through me you’ll heal with time

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