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lirik lagu prince of america – craig’s brother


living a life
without any future
just unending appet-te
for petty amus-m-nt

and you with your woes
you’ve food on the table
you’ve cash in your pocket
why are you crying?

prince of america
why do your tears fall so rampantly?
are you not satisfied, in world without context
where every thing’s trivial and nothing has meaning
not even the throne you’re heir to?
prince of the world

so much to see, so much information
the people in kosovo, the villages burning
it’s all entertainment, quickly forgotten
it doesn’t make any sense to me
so why are you crying?

how could you know which rung you stand on?
you never had to make the climb
you never thought to look beneath you
ignoring the throne you’re heir to

prince of the world
prince of the world
prince of the world
prince of the world
(prince of america)