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lirik lagu project atom traveller – chaostar

in a small silver room, two figures are resting upon a bed made from skillfully crafted granite.
an eerie purple light is emanating playful shadows.
they crawl spasmodically from their feet to their faces, in a frenzy rhythm.
a circular chasm is carved on the cold slabs of the floor. it is their source.
nearby, behind the gl-ssy eye of an observatory, a group of four is watching with great interest.
they all wear their special insignia of infinity, in ethereal necklaces that make
quite a contrast with their grey uniforms.
on of them is dressed slightly differently from the others.
a three-fingered hand with a dark sun on it’s center is placed close to his left upper limb,
indicating a higher rank. big spiral symbols are carved on the bracelet that embraces his tiny hand:

project atom traveller
admittance to all codes and areas
primus science counselor – cendor syan

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