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lirik lagu project roach – nas

(feat. eban thomas (the last poets))

[eban thomas]
it is absolutely silly, and unproductive
to have a funeral for the word “n-gg-r”
when the actions continue..
we need to have a movement to resurrect brothers, and sisters
not a funeral for n-gg-rs
’cause n-gg-rs – don’t die [echoes]

uh, yeah..
yo, i’m creepy and crawlin, in your sink and your toilet
i be drinkin from your spit, anything ’cause i’m all less
an insect with four legs; people come in, i fake dead
correction: i got eight legs, climbin on top yo’ plate, bed
wherever i smell food, it could be even jail food
stale food that’s molded, a roach is what i am, fool
the ghetto is my land, fool, i’ma never be able to
fly like a b-mblebee, try not, to be underneath
your sneaker, pitiful creature, i’m not afraid of
your pesticide or raid ’cause, in heaven’s my creator
i love it when the light’s off, eatin from same knives, forks
from, any man’s dinner, see my antennas
you can’t win, you can’t stand the crunchy sound i make
if you squash me, learn to live with me
how much your ross motel costin? yo, we in the city
but yo, we everywhere! check your house good, i bet we there!
look heed!

[eban thomas]
n-gg-rs are like roaches – they’re never gonna go away
learn from them what we should not become
’cause n-gg-rs – don’t die [echoes]

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