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lirik lagu promise – lil’ wayne

d-mn she bad
d-mn she thick
and i may not know perfect but d-mn she eat
and she thick and she right
d-mn she nice
you can be my judge baby… yeah i’ll do life
gimme life
and i know that you’ll be dancing ’til your toes hurt
but i can make your toes curl i can make your soul jerk
we can soul search
and i also got that street credit i got more work… than any dude… you… knew
girl i am a blood su-wu
i hear you want somebody you can call boo
i will change my name to boo and f-ck around and call you
now what you wanna do?
because… whatever that maybe baby i want do that too
and oh i will gps you now what you’re going through
and like a pair of wet’n’sticky vickies girl i’m on you
ok ma the mood is so right
light 2 and take flight
my n-gg- ti is the king i am your prince… you’re knight
you don’t need a superman… you just need a man like weezy


[lil wayne:]
and i can make you feel the same way
we can postpone and stay home like a rain day
she’ll have the salad just put her on wayne’s plate
what you know ’bout having syrup poured on that pancake?
nasty as i wanna be… or nasty as you like me too… be
i hope you like me too but now you know i like you too
3 am room service… serve you
you can be my dessert… my caramel sherbet
call your mama we can make a baby
and the way you work that mic in your video is so


[lil wayne:]
and the chair or stool move was cool
you make me wanna oh
but i’m be cool i need a moment
i think you are the finest human on earth
we can get together i can help you with that homework
take your -ss to school too boo
teach you all the rules you never knew
we need a moment
i can be your future
i can be your teacher
be your professor… write down this lecture
you want some extra credit? lemme check your homework
i can be your tutor and help you with exams
no feelings? or it’s summer time for you
you got them goodies and i got a sweet tooth
now can you all blame me?
sh-t… hov got b and i just want c
see i just want to see if you’re taller than me
naw really i just wanna see if you are mrs. carter to be
yeah i know this is pretty awkward for me
but i just act like you are talking to me when you say

i mean everything that i say…
from the bottom of my heart…
i would never… never ever… hurt you.
i open my heart… open my heart

[lil wayne:]
believe that.. and i agree that
open up your heart to me and you won’t get your key back
miss ciara you are colder than blue
and baby i ain’t talking to n-body else but

there’s nothing i won’t do baby…
to spend my life with you…
i give my life to you…
i promise that i will never lie… oh

[lil wayne:]
ayyy sweetheart…
i don’t care what n-body say real n-gg-s gonna show respect
ya dig!
ayy darling you are all that…
whatever that is…
i’d sure like to know
ha ha!!
let me cut that out
but straight up mama…
i just did this ma because you deserve it
i’m out!!!

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