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lirik lagu provocative – morticians



look at you, your body. big, fat and ugly. look at you, your face. an insult to the human race. don’t you get it? we don’t want you. go f-ck yourself. trust me, no one shall smile, until the day you’re dead.
you’re no use to anyone before you push a dagger through your heart. do yourself and all the world a favour and take you malformed life apart. spare us your presence.

look in the mirror, your reflection. as far as possible from perfection. don’t you get it, we don’t need you. go f-ck yourself.
(in the original version: freak, mutant, liar, jerk, son of a b-tch. idiot, schmuck, b-st-rd, stupid, motherf-cker. chickensh-t, imbecill, you breed of a one eyed wh-r-. -sslicker, c-cksucker, god d-mned impotent -sshole).

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