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lirik lagu pull my strings – dead kennedys

i’m tired of self respect
i can’t afford a car
i wanna be a prefab superstar

i wanna be a tool
don’t need no soul
wanna make big money
playing rock and roll

i’ll make my music boring
i’ll play my music slow
i ain’t no artist, i’m a business man
no ideas of my own

i won’t offend
or rock the boat
just s-x and drugs
and rock and roll

drool, drool, drool, drool, drool, drool
my payola!
drool, drool, drool, drool, drool, drool
my payola!

you’ll pay ten bucks to see me
on a fifteen foot high stage
fat-ss bouncers kick the sh-t
out of kids who try to dance

if my friends say
i’ve lost my guts
i’ll laugh and say
that’s rock and roll

but there’s just one problem

is my c-ck big enough
is my brain small enough
for you to make me a star
give me a toot, i’ll sell you my soul
pull my strings and i’ll go far

and when i’m rich
and meet bob hope
we’ll shoot some golf
and shoot some dope

is my c-ck big enough?
is my brain small enough?
[repeat chorus, etc. etc.]

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