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lirik lagu punk like me – 13th hour

my kind of guy isn’t that ordinary
he has to have tattoos and piercings
and be a hardcore punk just like me
if he doesn’t like rancid and the casualties
then go ahead and say good bye to him for me
chorus: if you’re a mod, i don’t want ya
if you’re a prep, see ya later
if you’re a poser, you’re nothing but a loser
i need a hardcore punk who’s just like me
i want him to be dyed and grungy
sportin’ bondage and band tees
he’s got to be cool, but also an -ss
that’s my kind of guy i want nothing less
in the end he’s got to be a sweetie
not an -ss, no not to me
i need respect, that’s not asking much
if you’ve got these qualities
then you’re good for me

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