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lirik lagu punked – rupee

[verse 1]
all the lies that you told
on the promises made
how could you be so bold
now i feel so played
it was love and not l-st
i really felt you
i gave you my trust
now look what you do

i should have noticed something
those calls and late night creepin
those moans that you were fakin
you punked me, you punked me
those two ways you deleted
recent numbers repeated
e-mails you claim forwarded
you punked me, you punked me

though people warned me about her
i put her name on my visa
and now my credits going under
you punked me, you punked me
h-ll yeah i said it was okay
and co-signed on the escalade
now i’m taking the subway
you punked me
you punked me

[verse 2]
now that i got punked up
it’s about the prenup
the only fifty round me
is a g-unit cd
so my bredren be warned
or you’ll be a punk scorned
you may think your games tight
but where’s your woman tonight

[pre-chorus 2x]


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