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lirik lagu pure cocaine – yo gotti

(feat. gucci mane, young cash)

[chorus: x2]
pure cocaine, pure cocaine [x2]
all i ever served out in these streets is pure cocaine

[yo gotti:]
remember me coca’ina you like my best friend,
when i was down and f-cked up you got my -ss in
far as i remember my n-gg- my life is full of pain,
i posted up in the snow i stood out in the rain
i laid that white on the table i watch em catch a drain,
i knew right then right there that i would never live the same
i’m like a bird myself n-gg- wrap me up and move me,
i got a stamp in the middle the whole hood approve me
but you can’t break me down (down) you gotta sell me whole (whole),
it’s a drought on real n-gg-s you already know
i’m that ether n-gg- that fish scale,
you that oil base homie you don’t cook well
i’m yo gotti the king and i got that young cash,
new money in a m-th-f-ckin dufflebag
all hundreds in a sour creme ruffles bag,
young money b-tch i keep a couple hundred stashed

[chorus x2]

[gucci mane:]
coca’ina heavily cooking dope excessively,
heavy risk activity my god given ability
hid the bricks in the 6 wait ’til they get low to?,
shawtys start a lotta problems let her start it off with bricks
gucci mane the dope boy point me where the jays at,
heres a 50 slab watch my’74 to payday
shawty want some hardball baby want some powder,
i’m so high i see stone mountain
gucci got da birds i ain’t talkin bout da falcons,
gucci slangin birds also known as a dragon
hundred pounds of midgrade stash that in my magnum,
roll it to the country then them country boys i tax them
gucci mane b-st-rd cook dat dope faster,
make that dope stretch like a 80 inch plasma
coke sk-nk dope sk-nk smokin on my airplane,
80 in the air man bricks over here mane

[young cash:]
yeah, i never thought i would be ridin dirty on i-10 just reup and flip again,
rent a car from enterprise license proof of insurance
speed limit 65 so i’m goin 62,
both hands on the steering wheel drivin like a old lady do
crackers pull me over they ain’t got sh-t gotta let me dip,
purple haze is all i smoke but she couldn’t make it on this trip
usaully keep a pistol too one in the chamber clip full,
not today on i-10 it’s nothing but me and redbull
collared shirt brown slacks lookin like a business man,
bible on the p-ssenger side yeah i’m a christian man
yeah i pray to god let me get these bricks back lord,
please don’t let these crackers try to search this lil ol’ honda accord.
sh-t i’m wide awake, i ain’t sleepy so i ain’t gon swerve
told you i like to trap it when it rain i call em thunderbirds
i’m the only one touch the work so i know it’s all good,
cause i don’t move nothing but, nothin but, nothin but

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