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lirik lagu r u my ni**a? – cormega


yo, when you deal with n-gg-s
you know what i’m sayin
you gotta know where they stand (watch n-gg-s)
cuz everybody your man when things is going right
uh, but what about when things is going wrong

ask yourself am i your man
would i die for you or by your hand
if i go broke, would you divide your grand
put me in your plans
hold me down with your heat if my sh-t jams
stop to think, asbet stops your bank
you need the mean gats to set it, pop your tank
i fears none, a d-mn sleepin is a rare one
prepared, never scared, blood sweat and tears son, i kinda saw
i close my eyes at night and let the drama pour
on paper, my mind escapes but i ignore
temptations, to embrace the path of raw
when i was younger my hunger taught me how to score
not sayin i was poor, but i was disobeying common laws
that had me runnin in and out of richer’s island doors
now i’m shinin for you, what’s mine is yours
are you my n-gg-?

if i died, would you cry
need, would you provide
if i got beef
would you be squeezin side by side
if i face time
would you give me a place to hide
would you snake me for paper, look in my eyes

can you accept the consequences of life, of livin trife
and take yours with honor, if a real n-gg- strike
or would you fall weak and help a courtroom indite
and live with dishonor for the rest of your life
only b-tches deal with emotion
yo son, how many snitches are still in the ocean
i’m gettin too deep, spittin unique
rhymes, for n-gg-s who sleep
a thug officially, slugs christin me
evidently, we hustle on blocks where presidents be
my rhymes represent the, criminal element
my n-gg-s sellin bricks, stressin in feds
and hit the residence, using eye care for evidence
never mix business with benevolence
you might end up regrettin it
check this rhyme that i prefected
-n-lyze and let me ask you one question
are you my n-gg-?


can i put trust in you like you trust in me
if my life is on the line would you bust for me
free me from custody, or deny my exist and, provin
that you didn’t give a f-ck for me
i put my trust in no mans hand, ’til he earns it
i learned this from thug legislature
when slugs penetrate ya, heavens above await ya
therefore i never sleep, cuz i may never wake up
felonies no longer worry me, for real
its the betrayal and the jealousy
the insecurity of things they might never see
makin n-gg-s minds corrupt, then my nine erupts
denying what, life you had expired
you tryed your luck, then died for what
you asked for forgiveness but my eyes was shut
you wasn’t wise enough, to stop me from risin up
are you my n-gg-?

jealousy, jealousy…

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