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lirik lagu r.u. ready ii – beatnuts


f/ grand puba

yo yo yo p-ss that sh-t, p-ss that sh-t
(what we gonna do right here is)
yeah yeah yeah
y’all ready for this?
wha wha wha wha
who is it?
who up in this piece?

[ psycho les ]
it’s the wicked, with another winner hit
stickin ho’s like i’m supposed to be, innocent (ugh!)
once again, let’s get this set poppin
i got your head noddin and there ain’t no stoppin
this here, crystal clear, pour it in your ear and let it sot up
gimme the cash and just shut up
tell me who brought those streets from queens that bud special
chronic choke, pull it, it pops your blood vessel
the hispanic shaft packs a gat, too
(what else?) produce and rap, too
bless you like i hatchew
b-sslines i’m throwin at you
like pshhh, du-du-du-dum

[ juju ]
i bust my gat lovely, low down, dirty and ugly
shortly developped a taste for good bubbly
don’t bug me cause all the girls love me
and a lot of you cats is gettin wrapped in a rug, b
you all late, why you mad i got my own plate?
think you n-gg-s wouldn’t catch it for the long case?
ghetto pro, now you know, get the name straight
holdin it down since them cables with the name plate

[ grand puba ]
okay here goes the blow, the bag, the mint
grand time to represent flava so strong
fills the room like buddha scent, uhuh, i don’t like choke
gotta get paid so it’s time to go for broke
beatnuts h-t the rhythm and i join right with ’em
n-gg-s can’t see this flow so it’s time to down sit ’em
i kick the flow for the n-gg-s with the bald heads
dreads, and ‘fros, honey’s, but no ho’s
oops! i didn’t mean to call you ho, b-tch
but when you try to clock the pocket that’s that bullsh-t!
so let’s get down with one of new york’s finest
seed to the brain like primatine to clear the sinus
grand puba, stud doogie with the mad style
beatnuts comin’ with the rugged (hey there, watch out now!)
it’s on motherf-cker, can’t you see that?
no shame in the game, so doogie where the weed at?

[ ad libs ]