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lirik lagu radio – dead legend

jump in the car
it’s an open road
we’ll be out all night
just a couple of kids without plans
nothing in mind but a good time
i think we’re headed for a ride

do i really have to be the one to say…
turn the radio up
lay the seats back down
we’re gonna live it up
it’s friday night
the night’s still young for a good time
i turn the radio up

with no end in sight
we stayed out all night
on that long and winding road
pulled a couple of tricks, had a couple of kicks
got a smack in the face and then we laughed the
whole way home

if only this one night could last
still frames of the times we laughed
remind us of the way we ought to live

i wish this could last forever
tomorrow waits it’s now or never

turn the radio off
put the seats back up
park the car it’s 4am
cuz all good things come to and end

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