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lirik lagu rainbow – angeli

see them walking down the street in america
black and white and brown, they meet in america
some, they mix and some, they smile and mingle
while others, they go about their business single
watch the children play together, oh they understand
so many races, colours and faces make a fairyland
here’s an african, italian or asian
there’s a german, indian, irish or romanian
so be a friend and hold my hand
and maybe try to understand
like colours in a ray of light
together we can shine as bright
in stormy times and every situation
paint a rainbow in the sky for all the nations
see them mix and match so free in america
then it’s peace instead of anarchy in america
to show that we can work together is our destiny
that all races can combine and live in harmony
[composed by angeli; ©1991 shenai song productions (ascap)]

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