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lirik lagu ravenous sun – thrown to the sun


acrid smell of vapor cl-ster on the surface
and everything deceased
pits of trash and rubble covers the planet
as if annihilation is a part of it’s existence.
five thousand years, we’ve waited to create a new
oppression, aggression, consumed every prospect

there is no trace of survival,
for long it’s been desolated
vacant planet hides earth’s corruption
sky turns into a blinding red
while sun is reigning its cruel tyranny
obliterating all the concealed truth
forgotten existences feeding ravenous sun

eternity, a devious lie
one day we will all be thrown…
thrown to the sky
and fuel the tremendous star

“but the voyager set out to sea
just for the leaving’s sake, hearts aloft.
nothing dissuades them from their destiny.
something beyond their knowing cries, we’re off!”

deviant beliefs’ consequence
manmade armageddon
dehumanized with atrocity and pain
destroying every perspective of
conceptions, those they cannot understand
we shall confront oppression
we shall not turn back

perceive the truth,
your eyes, cant they see, can’t they see the only way?
without a cause, random revolt
manifest,absurdity overthrown.
here is the sight, to behold
your eyes, can’t they see; can’t they see the great
twisted nature of humanity
recognize it.

we’ll all feed the ravenous sun!