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lirik lagu real shit – styles p

(feat. gerald levert)

[styles p + (gerald levert):]
(from the heart)
this sh-t is crazy storch
(from the soul)
thank you my n-gg- (yeah, yeahhh)
i appreciate it (ooooooh, from the heart)
y’know i’m so much in the street (well well well)
i don’t get a good look all the time (it’s f’real)
so thank you (it’s f’real, it’s f’real, yeah)

“in god we trust,” it says it on the dollar bill
so should i say hallelujah?
matter fact, what’s a dollar to ya? is it a paper painted green
or the root of all evil like your father schooled you?
they wanna bill me quick, n-gg-z wanna kill me quick
gotta spend a buck for somethin nice at the dealership
can’t work for minimum wage n-gg-, to tell the truth
that’s why i live in a cage n-gg-
soon to be dependin on haze n-gg-, sh-t and i ain’t pretendin
when a crook get a book with a happy endin
dawg i’m in the bad mood most the time
nine milli’ have you close to dyin
but it’s senseless, when i can let loose
and just spit a sentence of some absurd sh-t
like four cars copped off of one bird flipped
i know crime ain’t rhyme but i prefer this

[chorus: gerald levert + ad libs]
this is the real sh-t, givin n-gg-z real fits
and if you can’t handle it
then you ain’t been where i been
and you ain’t been where i been
this is for real sh-t, givin n-gg-z real fits
and if you can’t handle it
then you ain’t been where i been
and you ain’t been where i been, this is for real

[styles p:]
die fo’ what you believe in
get high for numerous reasons, no confession, no {?}
just me in a dark room and the fumes that i breathe in
spirit leave the physical, leave off the earth
then i breeze on the burst cause i’m cursed with bein lyrical
dawg i decapitate n-gg-z, i never was yellow
but i’m nicer than the happy-face sticker
all i need’s a beat and the mic gloved up
your career’s goin good ’til you’re b-mpin into me
and i hit you with some sh-t that make your life f-cked up
only thing to stop me from killin you sloppy
if god intervene or christ jump up… what?

[chorus: w/ ad libs]

[styles p]
sh-t’s close to the end and i ain’t a beginner
think i got a little thinner, only thing i mean is that
everybody dinner – this the house of pain
tell everybody in there, i’ma bring it to ’em right
money burn, guns fire, led finger to a life
change your address, feds follow when they glue the kite
sh-t is all love, same time it’s real too
move ot or go and kill ’em ‘fore they kill you

[chorus: w/ ad libs]

[styles p: over chorus]
this is the ghost n-gg-, double r and d-block
scott storch, whattup

[gerald levert:]
no no no no no noooooo~! no no no!
you ain’t been where i been, no no!
no no no no no no no no no nooooooo…

[styles p:]
get high

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