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lirik lagu real shit – yo gotti

ya (cmg)
this mixtape here
it’s strictly for the fans (
trust me!
i want my alb-m to drop more than you
call the f-cking label and ask them what happening
dear world, f-ck it
truly yours!

i’m on my grown man flow band up flow,
n-gg- i jus brought a phantom off the showroom floor
see these n-gg-s subtweeting, but his fans don’t know
he’s a p-ssy and i expose this n-gg- i said a hoe
in the streets n-gg-s look up to gotti and i understand why
ain’t on this slick sh-t n-gg-, i see eye to eye
runnin around,talking down, playing games, n-gg- die
young n-gg-s in the clip, black nines, nothing but fire!
(ay let the beat sing to em)
look, my brother back in jail, my songs leaking out
little rappers playing with me
i’m trying to stop from clicking out
did a show in alabama, guess my strap was sticking out
security to try the arrest n-gg-, but instead they kicked me out
i’ve been going through a lot of sh-t, f-cking with this model b-tch
baby momma left a n-gg- and now it hard to see the kids
record label can’t get it right, they pushed the date back
ross h-t a n-gg- up try to put me on mayback
tip hit a n-gg- up trying to give me grand hustle
all these n-gg-s are my n-gg-s and i respect the hustlers
some of these n-gg-s like my brothers
they’ve been real since day one
realest n-gg- in it, i’ve been real since day one
and a n-gg- keep sayin i’m one song away
f-ck that, i’m 5 million dollars strong today!
[money machine sound]
see when you heard me doing that money machine sh-t, n-gg-
that mean i got that mother f-ck’n sack bro
n-gg- i make m’s n-gg-
you know what i’m talkin about
i show these n-gg-s how to do this sh-t i’m the blue print n-gg-
show these n-gg-s how to make these millions, n-gg-
and i ain’t drop sh-t but a n-gg- b-tch off.
you know what i’m talkin about

i’m in a two door coup
with a see through roof
and the a dope boy roll and a glock 9 too
red b-tch on the p-ssenger, she semi cute
but her head some serious, so you know what it do
when i say i love my n-gg-rs, that mean i love my n-gg-rs
yeah, i rap for living, but i gotta plug for my n-gg-rs
i talk cocaine, cause i know cocaine
ain’t on that criss cross sh-t
i’m trying to stay in my lane.
say i rap like i trap, i gotta stay on my game
i’m strapped 24/7 i got to stay on my aim
they say keep it real gotti i say i been doing that
they say the n-gg-rs are white, i say influence that
i’m on my li-li-liter sh-t n-gg-s following the kid
but i ain’t f-cked up with it
the streets know what it is
(i’m on my li-li-liter sh-t n-gg-s following the kid)
(but i ain’t f-cked up with it)
(the streets know what it is)

my little homies keep telling me to smash on em
met a bad b-tch and i spend a little cash on her
cope a new whip so i left the paper tags on it
got a couple checks but i really hate to brag on it
catch me in the club, luis shoe, louis rag on em
standing on the couch, popping bottles dropping swagg on em
zilla up next and i bet the pad on em
soon as he said the name cmg drop the bag on em

i mean you know sh-t crazy
cuz like the other night a n-gg- was in atlanta
we f-cking around on the internet
and we see a moherf-cking itunes ad
like yo gotti jan. 10th
i mean sh-t counted thru me for a loop
cuz i didn’t know nothing about it
and its like dec. 23

i’m a real n-gg- 1st, get money 2nd
break bread with my n-gg-s, we like family so respect it
bad blood in the camp and n-gg- feel neglected
i try to work it out before it get all hecked
but if its about a b-tch, just know i don’t respect it
and if you talking foul i hope its ain’t in my direction homie
i say if you talking foul i hope its ain’t in my direction homie

ay see
i believe n-gg- got a problem they handle it
you don’t talk, you don’t tweet
if its all good its all good
know what i’m talkin about

i’m from the city of the murders
were industry n-gg-s ain’t never heard of us
they be like who the f-ck is gotti, n-gg- google me
oh i’m a f-ck n-gg-, that sh-t must be new to me
i’m d-mn near 30 and a n-gg- ain’t done sh-t to me
put your hands on a real n-gg- then its 1st degree
get it (pow)
hit it (pow)
split it
thats all my n-gg-s do is murk some
i’m trying to hurt some
mego got a 18 wheeler, he trying to work some
that b-tch bad as h-ll, she trying to twerk some
i’m give that b-tch back to you cause she worst-some
i’m out
i’m king

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