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lirik lagu reality check – drivin rain

the hunt is on, and i’m on your trail.
c-cked and loaded, and ready as h-ll.
like a fox with a gun, i’m gonna hunt you down.
you better start to run when i come around.

don’t you mess with me, cause i’ll knock you out.
i’m like a bomb outta time, i’m gonna blow no doubt.
no one even hears a single word that i said.
they, all just say, i’m outta my head.

(chs)-i’m your reality check, i’m your reality check.
i’m your reality check, comin’ down on you.


guess you gotta a clue, that your hour is near.
confidence as split, and all that’s left is fear.
wandering around, wondering when it’s your time.
you brought it on yourself, when you crossed the line.

(chs)-i’m your reality check, i’m your reality check.
it’s time to place your bets i hope you brought your pin boy.
time to step up and cash it in.


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