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lirik lagu realms of insanity – mael mordha

awaiting my time as a champion
before the war
apprehensive and tense.
secrecy shrouds the opponent graceful
as she rises to the shadows.

courteous she bows and removes her
hooded cloak
and my will is defeated.
spellbound by her i await the
punishment due
for defiance…
and thus it begins.

bathed in shadows am i
the burning celeste in sky
strives to complete its cyclical journey
followed finally by night.
bathed in shimmering light is she
she banishes my shadows
i lay roasting in the daylight.

at the dying time of day
into the same arena of thought
we did stray. agus mise dóite
in my grasp i could feel her…

ní­ h-anbhann ach lúbach
‘gus a samhail ag lion mo cheann
do na realms of insanity
her evensong appeared to break
from serenity to winter gale
as control she took.

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