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lirik lagu reap the whirlwind – angel corpse

[music palubicki; lyrics helmkamp]

in the dancing blaze of world cremation
ashes usurp the thrones of untruth
in the glowing funeral pyres
where shadows and smoke no longer betray
furnace fired – matter laid bare
the true nature of existence

reap the whirlwind
mercifully engulf the current universe
reap the whirlwind

unfetter a seedling chaos to sp-wn
strip away the artificial mantle
the veneer that pompously claims
that this world is worthy of salvation
self satisfaction – armageddon
for that is all we can ask for


every leader a fool with a facade
every holy man a sinner
every love a selfish l-st
every war an orgy of laughter
every living creature a cancer
a defilement – this flesh corrupts


all truth is fabrication
almighty hallowed nothingness
all paths spiral downwards
all answers winged lies
all questions should be phrased with axes
indulge celebrations enshrined in blood

astride the inexorable
jericho’s wall shall crumble divine
grasp the h-rns of the dragons of chaos
furious we ride…


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