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lirik lagu reasons why – saving jane

in the company of strangers i am less than fine
i am turning into wallpaper before your eyes
somehow i always end up on the wrong side of this fight
one day i will get it right

and i am not so hollow
i have nothing left for you to borrow
maybe it’s not too late
for me to fly
maybe you underestimated me
and now it’s time
cause i am tired of this fire
and i don’t need your reasons why

no more choking on regrets to keep you satisfied
i am coming up for air out of this heavy night
oh, the scenery is different when you’re not so small
i think i can take this fall
i am not so hollow
i have nothing left to borrow


light up the sky for me, oh i’ve been down too long
and when you turn your eyes to see me, i’ll be gone


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