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lirik lagu rebelicious – jamey johnson

hey, kinda like that banjo.
crank that stuff up a little.
yeah, that’s what i’m talkin’ about.

the way she looks, the way she walks;
that southern tw-ng; that dirty talk.
rides harley’s, reads vogue.
she got a tattoo on her ankle, rebel flags on her toes.
one shake of that hip could make a puppy dog vicious.
mmm, hmm, mmm: rebelicious.

she’ll take jack over martinis,
skinny dippin’ over bikinis.
that hard body, soft smile,
could send a big man to his knees and drive them little boys wild.
she likes them tiny little skirts, an’ the way the preacher’s boy blushes:
mmm, mmm: rebelicious.

she’s a long tall, shopping-mall,
barbie-doll trailer park queen.
’bout hotter than anything i’ve ever seen.


she’s an outlaw livin’, ready an’ willin’,
sun-tanned redneck, miss h-ttin’.

you got a mansion, you drive a vet.
you wear a rolex, h-ll, she ain’t impressed.
she like deer stands, beer cans,
baits are on the hook when she fishes:
mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm: rebelicious.

aw, that’s what i’m talkin’ about man.
cheap sungl-sses, a pick-up truck; convertible.
what is that thing? a sixty-nine?
mmm, not a tan line on anything i can see: whoo.
hey, i bet you she knows david allen coe.

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