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lirik lagu reborn through the bestial flame – ceremonial castings

summon me through the fires dance
see me rise & walk with flame
for these hands hold the fire blue
see me burn but without pain

i am of fire, unleashing burning fury
flames flow within my blood, behold the might of one

i am of flame, sinner of ancient times
the bringer of the end, behold the might of one

i am reborn unto the mortal lands
blood-boiling veins & fire breathing flesh
disciple of the coming apocalypse
carrying left hand trinity’s carress
… i am reborn…

i am encrypted with poisonous fires
i am baptized in the deepest of flame
i am alive inside a world of burning
i am reborn through the bestial flame

i am fire, i am the flame
i am desire & i am the chains
i am pleasure inside the pain
i am fire!

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