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lirik lagu red alert – childish gambino

red alert

gin in my cup, so i ain’t so sober
girl on my d-ck, call me casanova
ribs are broken, my name is oprah
my girl talk too but she deal in chocha
got the gold top like i’m one of the bradys
birthday sh-t on the side, get that quick mercedes
‘scuse me ladies! i know you wanna shoot me
like my name jay brady, but the cameras pay me
i wanna eat good like rachel ray
pop tags on shoes on the 8th of may
my voice too high ‘sposed to hold me back
they say the same f-ckin thing cause i’m young and black
opposites attract; so not far from me
is a white dude with low voice and no money
who gives a f-ck if my voice sound funny?
f-ck friends, i got me a bi-buddy
i’m (true life) like i’m mtv
(hollyhood) like i’m six times three
i been goin so crisp, get dressed in a fly -ss t-shirt
nike so tight they make your f-ckin feet hurt
jealous -ss n-gg-z when they see you rollin
same motherf-cker on ceezie scr-t-m
my sneaks so bright and my girls so thick
money so big call me ceezie d-ck

calling all haters all across the world it’s a (red alert)
it’s a (red alert), it’s a
calling all haters all across the world it’s a (red alert)
it’s a (red alert), it’s a

i shine so bright they should call me sunlight
call me punk rock cause my jeans is too tight
diesel boo boo, michael jacket
got one e’ry week, it’s a nasty habit
day eights and ups, that my standard
show ’em who’s boss like tony danza
take it across state get the nasty plate
with my bootleg s-x, why m-st-rb-t-?
it’s the dude from the hood that you love to hate
cause i got new shoes and i love to skate
me and lupe gotta (kick) and (push) it
show these p-ssy–ss n-gg-z why we f-ck they bush
i used to have to sweep floors just to make the ends meet
the ends meetin like a motherf-cker – ain’t that sweet?
why i’m deep with the kids like phish on mysp-ce
now i’m on your (fishscales) like i hang with ghostface
they say black don’t crack, except for whitney
my sh-t don’t crack, i’m fallin off like britney
to put it simply, i lose my balance
cause i got a pink drink and it makes me tipsy
live the high life, paid the full price
you want my advice to get the five mics?
you wanna put them fake–ss guns away
nah i’m just kiddin n-gg-, you ain’t got a chance anyway!

[chorus – 2x]

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