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lirik lagu redlight – kelly osbourne

i’m falling
don’t bother
i rather end up where i dropped off
not making
i guess i’m feeling uninspired
you’re speaking but i just can’t hear you
who do you think is listening
you notice
i didn’t
go figure if you got a minute
you’re reaching
i’m leaving
don’t say i never gave you nothin’

it’s gettin’ just a little creepy
the thoughts are there but nothing’s sleeping
it’s hard to say whats on my mind
the words are always one step behind

waitin’ on a redlight sittin’ on a time bomb
nothin’ seems to go right still remaining calm
walkin’ on a tightrope emotionally amazed
a careful execution that slaps me
in the face
waiting on a redlight
but still remaining calm

i’m fed up
so boring
swimming in a pool of quicksand
not making
a scene
please insert the nervous breakdown
take a needle st-tch my mouth shut
then apply a little make up
all the stupid things i’ll say
pressure keeps building every day

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