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lirik lagu refugees go west – citizen fish


it’s all-channel mindset in western world style, between tv and work we all roam. while mad politicians cause wars and divisions in places a long way from home. political, power-crazy, generals on hills are bombing the people they know and making demands, claming rights over land, until their ain’t nowhere safe left to go. “this is religion and so is this too, and one of them, therefore, is wrong.” it is the same old excuse to support fascist views: “you may live here, but you don’t belong.” family gathered to see what was left on the borders of what was once home. the country next door said, “you’re welcome, i’m sure, but the law says you’ll soon have to go.” the phrase “ethnic cleansing” is dressing in words: racist, oppression, and death. when the last refugees have come out of the east, how far will they have to go west? the refugee’s story gets lift in the cold as we turn off the tv and go. easy to ignore until it is at your front door, then it is time to “stay” and not “go.”

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