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lirik lagu regrets – amiss

once again i am kept awake
inside myself silence you cannot break
regrets of wakling past
regrets of speaking way too fast

if i could go back, i’d tell you ”
don’t let me get too close”
my heart will bleed, my life will change,
please keep me away”
if i could go back, i’d just
leave it all that night night
i wasn’t in too deep and i could still keep
breathing when i was away from you

it’s 2am 3 hours til dawn
when morning breaks your feeling are gone
regrets come again to take over me
regrets too dark, too dark to see


now you’re gone, i can’t breathe
you’re not here, i can’t breathe
you turned your back, i can’t breathe
i need you back because i can’t breathe

everythings in my life falls apart it fell apart
everything i said broke my heart it breaks my heart
why did i do that?
how could i do that?


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