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lirik lagu relationships, part 2 svetlana – a.c.t

i might seem strange, how i act and how i talk.
i don’t how to socialise.

a neat surprise, the way she moved.
she broke my heart in two.

i really don’t know why i had to make that donkey mine.
she looked like she could need a drink.
she drank a six-pack; plastic, cans and all.

i thank the skies, i found her.
she’ll beat up the guys who used to har-ss me.
this woman of mine, she’s problably the brightest star of all.
once i’m in her arms, she knows just what to do.
i feel her biceps close to me, and one thing is for sure.
those things ain’t small!

well, we’re a bit odd so what!
we differ quite in height,
i’m only five foot four.
and she’s almost ten.
almost ten!
don’t wanna lose my girl,
this shot-putter of mine.
she will protect me and she’s
a real gourmet cook too.
feed me more!
oh, my svetlana.
maybe cupid is blind.

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